Astro: On the inside


  • Direction compass indicating vedic direction of death (Maru), the vedic auspicial direction for the current day and location. The auspicial direction is generated by the position of the moon within the zodiac. The current compass direction is determined by the phone's directional compass. When starting something new like setting off on a journey, the user needs to face the auspicious direction (indicated by the Green arrow) with their back to Maru (direction of death) indicated by the red arrow when leaving the premises. The white arrow indicates the direction the user is facing. Sometimes the Green and Red arrows will face the same direction. This is an ambiguous situation and the user should face their back to the red arrow (i.e. the white arrow should be exactly opposite to the red one). In an ideal situation the white arrow should be in the same direction as the green and the red should be 180 degrees behind them.

  • Sunrise and sunset times for current location. The current location is determined by the phone's sensors and the current timezone is obtained from the phone's settings.

  • Planetary hour owners (hora) and Rahu Kalaya for any date. Planetary hour owners were determined by the Sumerians over 5000 years ago. The hour owner at the time of the sunrise determines the name of the day: Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn). The current location is obtained from the phone's sensors. Rahu Kalaya is an inauspicious time. It's traditionally calculated by splitting the period between sunrise and sunset (or sunset and sunrise in the evening) into 8 equal parts and depending on the day of the week picking one of the 8 portions. There is some controversy as to which of these 8 portions to use on a given day. The period highlighted in ephermerii is technically incorrect as it has no basis in astronmical events. However this is the traditional Rahu Kalaya used in most places. Astro highlights this as Classic Rahu Kalaya. Rahu Kalaya as highlighted in Astro relies on the intervals listed in the Parasara manual ("Brihat Parasara Hora sastra" by Maha-rishi Parasara) which relies on lunar motion to decide the correct 1/8th of the day. These two are identical on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • Sidereal (Nirayana) planetary positions for any date and time (Using Lahiri Ayanamsa/Precession angle). This is at the moment 24 degrees ahead of the Western Tropical (Sayana) zodiac. Simply click the date and time buttons and set the requested parameters and a list of planetary positions will be displayed.

  • Generates KP (Krishanmoorthi/Placidian) cusps and and planetary positions (horoscope) along with constellations (nakath) for any given location and date/time with time zone/coordinate lookup. This does not generate navamshaka or traditional charts. It lists the positions of the planets (and the owning constellation) along with the Placidian cusps.

  • Placidian cusps are only accurate upto 66 ° North and 66 ° South latitudes. This app cannot currently generate horoscope date for regions beyond this central band.