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The unique astrological engine powering Astro was developed by J E Hewage, founder of Rehena Astrological Services.

J E Hewage is a former Bank Manager who studied astrology as a hobby in the 1980s. His uncanny accuracy in predicting everything from physical characteristics, character traits to Saturn returns is based on knowledge of not only the Krishnamoorthi Paddathi (KP) but also the classical texts such Parasara and the Phaladeepika.

For a number of years he has helped GCE Advanced Level (Year 13 standardised exams) students who have had problems getting the grades they need to pass extremely well through a combination of herbal remedies and through the treatment of latent illnesses (via regular medical professionals). His website can be found here (http://rehenaexam.com). He needs to be contacted at least 3 months before the exam, preferably even earlier.

He has also helped couples who have been unable to conceive for a number of years conceive through herbal remedies. This is based on identifying astrological defects in the couple's biology and applying herbal/ayurvedic remedies to compensate.

Astro and Astro Lite are powered by an astrological engine which takes the positions of all the planets at the start of the astrological hour. While this is very significantly more accurate than treating the hour as say, just moon hora (hour), it still falls short of being 100% accurate. For a 100% accurate indication of what each hour means to you individually, Mr Hewage can be contacted at Jayasiri E Hewage (rehenaastro@gmail.com) for a more accurate indication.