Largey: Ultra Fast Extremely Huge Text File Viewer

This app is available at the Microsoft Store


Largey allows massive files to be viewed and searched extremely rapidly:

  1. Extremely large text file viewer.
  2. Multi-threaded indexing, word count and search using all the cores on modern CPUs. This can saturate SSD/CPU bandwidth. An ideal benchmark for storage/CPU.
  3. Search supports regex and case insensitive modes. These will have a higher CPU load.
  4. Split view both horizontal and veritcal. Can support independent or synchronised horizontal and/or vertical scrolling.
  5. Alternate line highlighting.
  6. and line numbering. These last two can be switched off per view.
  7. It also has a tail function which shows live updates to the end of the file in real time.
  8. Rectangular block select. This should go out tomorrow. Hold down [ALT] while selecting with the mouse to mark a rectangular block.

Largey can be seen in action at:

on YouTube