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Physical factors which help with higher education:

Please note that these features are only fully visible after the age of 14.

On your palm

  1. Square hand with long fingers, finger tips need to be square (the tip has to be square)

    Square hand

  2. If the hand is spatulated, with pointy finger tips.

    Spatulated hand

  3. The upper phalange of the thumb should not be fleshy and should be long.

    Upper phalange of thumb

  4. The upper two phalanges of the fingers should each be individually longer than the lowest phalange (the bit that joins the hand)

    Upper phalanges of fingers longer than bottommost

  5. The tip of the little finger should be higher than the bottom of the upper phalange of the adjacent finger.

    Short little finger

  6. The lines on the palm should be thin and there shouldn't be any lines other than the main ones. The presence of the Apollo line or Mercury line is good.

    Mercury Lines and Apollo Line

  7. The life line should be short, and should either start at the Jupiter mount (where the index finger joins the palm) or should have sub-lines reaching up to the Jupiter mount.

    Lines of palm

  8. Head line should start on the Jupiter mount and reach all the way to the upper Mars mount.

    Head Line and Jupiter and Mars Mounts

  9. Mount of Venus and lower mount of Mars should be free of horizontal lines.

    Mount of Venus

  10. The Apollo line vertically placed below the Ring finger and being more than an inch in length.

    Apollo Line

  11. The Mercury mount having at least 3 vertical lines.

    Mercury Mount without Mercury Lines

  12. The fate line reaching all the way to the Mount of Saturn from the wrist and should not cross any horizontal lines.

    Fate Line and Mount of Saturn

  13. Not having any black spots on the palm or fingers.

  14. Hand and palms not being deformed.


  1. Gums and teeth looking pleasant.

  2. The absence of dimples when smiling with curly or thick hair.

  3. Hair being thin and in women should not reach below the buttocks.

  4. Not be excessively thin or fat.

  5. Wide forehead and a pleasant complexion.

  6. Proportionate nose with a bridge that is not sunken.

Physical factors which don't help with higher education:

On your palm

  1. Short Fingers compared to the palm

    Short fingers

  2. Upper phalange of thumb (with nail) is puffed up like a lime.

    Thumb puffed up like a lime

  3. Length of thumb not exceeding base of adjacent finger.

    Thumb shorter than base of index finger

  4. Finger tips fleshy and round.

  5. Finger nails being sunken compared to surrounding flesh and being wider than they are long.

    Sunken nails

  6. Life line being:
    Lines on the plam
    • wide and deep and
    • running all the way to the wrist and
    • any lines originating from it not reaching the mount of Jupiter and
    • originating close to the base of the thumb (when the thumb is kept next to the palm, the life originating below the base of the first phalange (containing the nail)).
  7. Having a deep life line:
    Lines on the plam
    • and not having a fate line or apollo line
    • and the head line being short OR
    • not reaching the upper mount of Mars and reaching mount of moon.

  8. Base of the fingers being fleshy.

  9. The palm not being square and wider than its length.

  10. Deep heart line

    Lines on the plam

  11. Heart line reaching the mount of Jupiter or going beyond it. (The Jupiter mount is right below the index finger(forefinger))

    Lines on the plam

  12. Girdle of Venus being visible

    Girdle of Venus

  13. The little finger ending below the upper phalange (containing the nail) of its adjacent finger.

    Little finger shorter than upper phalange of ring finger

  14. The uppermost phalanges on each finger (containing the nail) being longer than each of the remaining two phalanges when compared individually.

  15. The Saturn finger (middle finger) not being straight.

  16. Marriage Line(s) reaching all the way to the base of the ring finger.

    Marriage line reaching ring finger

  17. Presence of a grid/mesh/net across the entire palm

    Mesh on plam

Your physique

  1. A mole the size of a pepper corn appearing on the face.

  2. Gums jutting forward.

  3. Large or misaligned teeth.

  4. The forehead being narrow.

  5. Dull skin.

  6. Abnormal amount of hair on the body.

  7. Hair being excessively thick and long.

  8. Buttocks and breasts being abnormally large.

  9. Thick lips especially the lower lip being thick and being red.

  10. Skin being rough or having skin problems

  11. Dimples when smiling with curly or thick hair

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This data is available as an Android app at the Google play store and the Amazon App Store